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The pic is Dis on my lap after I got home from San Francisco. And it’s also what I feel like right now. October is probably my favorite month of the year. It’s chock full of awesome. There’s the Renaissance festival and Halloween and the leaves turning. But it is also too damn busy. And […]

Thursday Recap


First something I forgot yesterday: Dr. Patty Iampetro came in to check on one of the cats in Benton’s while I was there, so I got to say hi. That’s the entire extent of what I said. She’s my fav from the show. She and John Garcia. But I’m sure she gets that all the […]

Wednesday Recap


Quick recap for yesterday. Fully intended to do it last night but was worn out. Morning spent at Benton’s in Niblet’s room. Brush beds, wipe surfaces, clean litter boxes, sweep, mop, wipe windows, and then dishes while Sasha supervised. I had no idea how many dishes a house like Benton’s can generate, since most of […]

I was trying to get a different perspective of the sign than last year’s. I ended up getting a lovely picture that highlights the Unimproved Road sign. 😉 Most of the pictures are / will be over on the Flickr stream.Today I had the fastest lunch EVER. Stopped at Cracker Barrel, thinking I had plenty […]

Okay. Not really. But I wish you guys could smell the hyacinth in the first picture. The ball behind it is water – a fountain in the Bellagio conservatory. Speaking of Bellagio, it’s looking a lot better. They’ve pulled all the broken flowers from the lobby. Dale Chihuly is visiting Saturday, so maybe they wanted […]

Quiet Weekend


Had a lovely pre-vacation weekend. The weather decided it was summer, which I could have used some warning about. (I’m sure the dogwood was thinking the same thing.) But it was beautiful out. Ate dinner with the folks and saw Bette’s interpretation of The Three Musketeers, which totally rocked. And dropped in at Commander Salamander […]

Just booked my flight and room for the trip to Best Friends at the end of April. Brace yourselves. There will be lots of photos, for those of you who follow on Flickr, and at least a few mushy blog posts. Can’t wait to see how Dilly and Buddy and Blackjack are doing. And, of […]