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This is my new favorite spot in Occoquan. Obviously this picture was taken a few months ago. I’ve started a new blog entry at least half a dozen times since summer, but I haven’t gotten around to hitting the Publish button. Annnd that’s because of how busy my August through November is. The end of […]



We’ve had a lot of snow days this winter. One of the nice things about the copywriter job is that it doesn’t require me to be in the office, so those work out nicely for me. I generally spend the day on the couch in pajamas with a cat. My day-long distraction looks something like […]

So I had my doubts about how successfully the complex plot of King Lear could be achieved without words. Macbeth, sure. It’s short. Everything’s all out there. The most quoted bits probably aren’t Shakespeare anyhow. But Lear? Lear is rough when you have the words. I tried to read it when I was 15, and […]

I’d heard about Synetic’s silent interpretations of Shakespeare. I read/watch Shakespeare FOR the words. Why would I want to go see a show without them? But Kay and I tend to have very similar opinions on good Shakespeare, so when she gave Synetic’s Othello a rave review, I decided I had to go see it. […]