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This is my new favorite spot in Occoquan. Obviously this picture was taken a few months ago. I’ve started a new blog entry at least half a dozen times since summer, but I haven’t gotten around to hitting the Publish button. Annnd that’s because of how busy my August through November is. The end of […]

Yeah, change is good, but sometimes change ticks me off. Another one of the adorable older houses on the waterfront in Occoquan was torn down last week. Looks like the land sold for 730k and the house was promptly plowed under. Two houses down, the neighbors’ mansion is up for sale for 4 million. So, […]

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough yet. This is from Saturday afternoon after a highly tasty mocha at De Reubeen’s. Course I have yet to find a place in Occoquan that makes a non-tasty mocha.

Snow Day


Walked into Occoquan today to mail a box of international cat treats (you know who you are), which gave me an excuse to stop by Madigan’s for some crab bisque. I love their soup, but it’s just too darn rich. Playing with cut and paste on the G1. We’ll see if I can do this […]

Pam’s Visit


So Pam and her mom came up to Pam’s sister’s place in Northern Virginia for the holiday. I got to abscond with her the day after Christmas, and we shopped and ate our way around Occoquan.