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For some reason, putting things in order makes me happy. Does this mean I’m an organized person? No. My place is a series of small piles of detritus. (Disney discovered a new tunnel through some laundry this morning. I was impressed.) However, being able to put tiny sections of my life in order floods me […]

Went to Graz last week to help celebrate Holly’s birthday. Greg was out of town doing doctor-y things, so we had the place to ourselves. Speaking of which, I love the new place. Any time you get to live in a building that’s 150 years old and it has electricity and indoor plumbing, it’s a […]

Maryland Renaissance Festival. Wait wait wait. MARYLAND RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL!!!! That’s better. Missed the first weekend on account of the hurricane, but still managed to make the first pubsing. Whoever came up with the idea of the single song (“Leave Her, Johnny”) that was the summary of the previous week’s rained-out pubsings, kudos. Did my first […]

I made this!


Okay. I didn’t make this gryphon. John Tenniel did. However, I screened it. After three years selling t-shirts, I’ve made my first one. It’s not perfect, but it’s awesome. And since this is one of my favoritest images ever, I’m saving the design for at least a week to have a few more goes at […]

My First Konad


There was a tragic misstep Thursday evening when I decided to try the Konad and then realized (after smudging the base coat) that I had no nail polish remover in the condo. Lovely. Then I thought it was all for the best, since I was going to be taking care of the Danville ferals over […]

After I got my last batch of nailpolish, which included a green which looked great in the bottle but was completely unworkable on my actual fingers, I discovered The Swatchaholic. She reviews all sorts of makeup, but my favorite is her nailpolish. She puts it on her nails, tells you how many coats and what […]