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o hai!


Read an article on the death of the blog the other day (as a result of social media). It made me realize that this has become a place where I basically talk about my vacations (since pictures of cats have gone to Facebook and pics of food/theater outings went to Twitter). Also, it made me […]

The pic is Dis on my lap after I got home from San Francisco. And it’s also what I feel like right now. October is probably my favorite month of the year. It’s chock full of awesome. There’s the Renaissance festival and Halloween and the leaves turning. But it is also too damn busy. And […]

Maryland Renaissance Festival. Wait wait wait. MARYLAND RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL!!!! That’s better. Missed the first weekend on account of the hurricane, but still managed to make the first pubsing. Whoever came up with the idea of the single song (“Leave Her, Johnny”) that was the summary of the previous week’s rained-out pubsings, kudos. Did my first […]



That is all. (Well, it would have been all, except I’m going to have to note that I took this last weekend and forgot about it until I’d gone to update the blog with yesterday’s picture. Real-time blogging is highly overrated. 😉 )