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For folks who haven’t met me, I like to spend my vacations with Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, the location of the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the United States. So last week I flew into Vegas to kickoff the annual escapade. Spent the first night at The Cromwell, which is part of […]

Back In Kanab


It’s vacation time again! Spent Monday in Vegas at Aria, and got to spend some time with a friend I made on Bitnet. His SO gave us an awesome tour of Encore (he worked on it). It’s got sumptuous furnishings and an orthogonal layout (which is only notable because it’s a casino). Fun words I […]

Magic, Day 2


Day 2 I went over to Mandalay Bay for the menswear section. Many of our current vendors were over there, and I found some license holders we’d been looking for. Project was a lot of fun, if sparkly. They had a station set up where you could get your hair done. Pondered it and then […]

Magic, Day 1


Posting this from Magic, the big apparel trade show in Las Vegas. Decided at the last minute to go. Really glad I did. The vastness of it all really puts things in perspective. Started out in women’s wear, which was intimidating. You can instantly tell the buyers from everyone else. The buyers look like they’ve […]

Okay. Not really. But I wish you guys could smell the hyacinth in the first picture. The ball behind it is water – a fountain in the Bellagio conservatory. Speaking of Bellagio, it’s looking a lot better. They’ve pulled all the broken flowers from the lobby. Dale Chihuly is visiting Saturday, so maybe they wanted […]

Quiet Weekend


Had a lovely pre-vacation weekend. The weather decided it was summer, which I could have used some warning about. (I’m sure the dogwood was thinking the same thing.) But it was beautiful out. Ate dinner with the folks and saw Bette’s interpretation of The Three Musketeers, which totally rocked. And dropped in at Commander Salamander […]