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Went to Graz last week to help celebrate Holly’s birthday. Greg was out of town doing doctor-y things, so we had the place to ourselves. Speaking of which, I love the new place. Any time you get to live in a building that’s 150 years old and it has electricity and indoor plumbing, it’s a […]

The pic is Dis on my lap after I got home from San Francisco. And it’s also what I feel like right now. October is probably my favorite month of the year. It’s chock full of awesome. There’s the Renaissance festival and Halloween and the leaves turning. But it is also too damn busy. And […]

Fancy Pants


On Holly’s last visit she took a pair of my jeans back to Austria with her. And I got them back this week, all embroiderified (which was even better because I’d forgotten about them). They’re awesome. There’s more on them, but I’m not putting a picture of my butt on here. 🙂 In other news, […]



Have I mentioned recently how much I love you guys? So Carrie (and Derek) and Andrea and John at work filled the kitchen with red velvet cupcakes for my birthday, and Jen decorated them with my favorite things (including polyhedral dice, the Best Friends logo, and pancakes with syrup). Then Holly and Liz schemed to […]

Tip: Don’t try to get a picture of your cat right after she’s eaten a treat laced with catnip. It’ll take 10 minutes to get a picture where she isn’t a blur. And also, more Holly shoes!



Got an awesome birthday present today – custom designed Keds from Holly decorated with some of her artwork! Absolutely adore them. Can’t wait to show them off.