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Y’all know I’m trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and one of the strong contenders is working in animal rescue. So I decided to make July the month of saying “yes” to everything rescue that came my way. Yes to 12 hours volunteering at the spay/neuter clinic (nothing […]

Some of y’all will remember Rowling from her inauspicious start in this world. And despite me calling her “my medical foster,” she’s been with me now for years, after her first long-term adopter brought her back. And why is that, you might ask. I don’t like strangers traipsing through my apartment. (I could have ended […]

First off, this is not my image. I did my best but couldn’t track it down to the original. I guess that’s kind of how memes go. I saw this image again the other day for the dozenth time and thought to myself, “Well, that’s Buttercup if I’ve ever seen one.” Buttercup, for the uninitiated, […]



Long time, no update, eh? The photo with this post is of the cupcakes made for me for my birthday by my awesome roommate at work. We’re both obsessed with Toddlers & Tiaras, and you can see the molding chocolate decorations include sashes and tiaras and, yes, that’s right, flippers. Squee! Teeth on my cupcakes. […]

Cat Sanctuaries


Spent two hours washing dishes Saturday at Rikki’s Refuge. It’s an animal sanctuary down in Rapidan, Virginia, west of Fredericksburg. Was greeted by a little neurological kitty who was lounging in the middle of the road which, according to the sign, I was supposed to take for parking. Cats. They never read. The sanctuary is […]

Visited yesterday with two of the cats who grew from the kittens picked up at the feral colony. And by “visited” I mean that after Natalie dragged Beatrice out for me to pet her (think Sug), she only shivered for like five minutes, and poor Benedick literally bounced off the walls trying to get away […]