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Long time, no update, eh? The photo with this post is of the cupcakes made for me for my birthday by my awesome roommate at work. We’re both obsessed with Toddlers & Tiaras, and you can see the molding chocolate decorations include sashes and tiaras and, yes, that’s right, flippers. Squee! Teeth on my cupcakes. […]



Have I mentioned recently how much I love you guys? So Carrie (and Derek) and Andrea and John at work filled the kitchen with red velvet cupcakes for my birthday, and Jen decorated them with my favorite things (including polyhedral dice, the Best Friends logo, and pancakes with syrup). Then Holly and Liz schemed to […]

Hopefully Tasty


I hate not being able to try something I’ve baked before I foist it on others. With cookies, you can make sure they’re not horrible before you make somebody else eat it. Not so much with stuff like this. Mom found this recipe for a Chocolate Espresso Tart in Martha Stewart Magazine. It’s going to […]

ThinkGeek’s 10th Anniversary party was a blast. We rented a riverboat and sailed around the Potomac for a while, whilst noshing. Death by Sexy played. And we had a super-spectacular cake made by Charm City Cakes (the bakery from Ace of Cakes). The bottom layer, which I had a piece of, was peanut butter cup, […]

Tubbeh unicorn originally had a much longer horn, but I’m uncoordinated. He also had long legs, but gravity happened. After standing all day, his little legs ended up as small puddles underneath his huge butt. Because sometimes I forget how fondant works. Most of the time. Who has a week to let stuff dry??? Meh. […]

Made a chicken sandwich cake for Michael’s birthday at work. He’s one of those folks who camped out at a Chik-Fil-A opening to get free sandwiches for a year. Score! So anyhow. By the time we served this, unfortunately, the top bun had decided to move south and it looked like gravity had taken a […]

Cthocolate Cake


I was originally thinking octopus, but I ended up making a little Cthulhu cake for Chris’s birthday. This specific Old One is vaguely based on Toy Vault’s plushie (which is one of his products) and wielding a spork (also one of Chris’s products). Chris only specified that he wanted “something chocolate” as his cake, and […]