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So we’ve all seen this meme, yes? It made me giggle. And then it made me pause. I saw it about a year and a half ago for the first time, and I thought, “You know what? 15 is a big milestone for a cat. Why NOT celebrate it?” At the same time, I realized […]

Spent last week in Kanab, Utah, enjoying my sixth trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary despite the universe trying to foil my intentions (HUGE thanks to Claire and Robert without whom the vacation literally wouldn’t have been possible). Some highlights: Maury caught a mouse while we were out walking! I was stunned. First I thought, […]

For folks who haven’t met me, I like to spend my vacations with Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, the location of the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the United States. So last week I flew into Vegas to kickoff the annual escapade. Spent the first night at The Cromwell, which is part of […]

I’m in the middle of this year’s vacation to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. The best friend, Holly, came out with me this time, and she’s been meeting parrots. This picture was taken on my second shift, which was spent at Sinjin’s (the former HQ building) with miss Millie, who’s part of the biggest loser club […]

Thursday morning I was slated to try on some shirts for a presentation the store was doing at lunch, so I skipped the morning shift. That gave me the opportunity to tour Wild Friends and Parrot Garden. Parrots are still not my thing, but I think I want to take a Wild Friends tour every […]

Back In Kanab


It’s vacation time again! Spent Monday in Vegas at Aria, and got to spend some time with a friend I made on Bitnet. His SO gave us an awesome tour of Encore (he worked on it). It’s got sumptuous furnishings and an orthogonal layout (which is only notable because it’s a casino). Fun words I […]

Cat Sanctuaries


Spent two hours washing dishes Saturday at Rikki’s Refuge. It’s an animal sanctuary down in Rapidan, Virginia, west of Fredericksburg. Was greeted by a little neurological kitty who was lounging in the middle of the road which, according to the sign, I was supposed to take for parking. Cats. They never read. The sanctuary is […]



Have I mentioned recently how much I love you guys? So Carrie (and Derek) and Andrea and John at work filled the kitchen with red velvet cupcakes for my birthday, and Jen decorated them with my favorite things (including polyhedral dice, the Best Friends logo, and pancakes with syrup). Then Holly and Liz schemed to […]

Thursday Recap


First something I forgot yesterday: Dr. Patty Iampetro came in to check on one of the cats in Benton’s while I was there, so I got to say hi. That’s the entire extent of what I said. She’s my fav from the show. She and John Garcia. But I’m sure she gets that all the […]

Wednesday Recap


Quick recap for yesterday. Fully intended to do it last night but was worn out. Morning spent at Benton’s in Niblet’s room. Brush beds, wipe surfaces, clean litter boxes, sweep, mop, wipe windows, and then dishes while Sasha supervised. I had no idea how many dishes a house like Benton’s can generate, since most of […]