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We’ve had a lot of snow days this winter. One of the nice things about the copywriter job is that it doesn’t require me to be in the office, so those work out nicely for me. I generally spend the day on the couch in pajamas with a cat. My day-long distraction looks something like […]

o hai!


Read an article on the death of the blog the other day (as a result of social media). It made me realize that this has become a place where I basically talk about my vacations (since pictures of cats have gone to Facebook and pics of food/theater outings went to Twitter). Also, it made me […]



Long time, no update, eh? The photo with this post is of the cupcakes made for me for my birthday by my awesome roommate at work. We’re both obsessed with Toddlers & Tiaras, and you can see the molding chocolate decorations include sashes and tiaras and, yes, that’s right, flippers. Squee! Teeth on my cupcakes. […]



It’s been a week of crafting. The first picture demonstrates that I either need to get some Windex or put Photoshop on my home machine. And also that I turned my Self-Rescuing Princess shirt into a raglan. Still figuring out the whole stretchy fabric thing, but I’m pretty happy with it. Second and third photos […]

Magic, Day 2


Day 2 I went over to Mandalay Bay for the menswear section. Many of our current vendors were over there, and I found some license holders we’d been looking for. Project was a lot of fun, if sparkly. They had a station set up where you could get your hair done. Pondered it and then […]

Magic, Day 1


Posting this from Magic, the big apparel trade show in Las Vegas. Decided at the last minute to go. Really glad I did. The vastness of it all really puts things in perspective. Started out in women’s wear, which was intimidating. You can instantly tell the buyers from everyone else. The buyers look like they’ve […]



I’m here at SourceForge’s gathering in Chicago. First is an image of Geoff. The lighting isn’t that poor. The camera on my G1 is. The LED in his neck is real. We headed out to Elephant and Castle for Strongbow and Guiness. Second is the view from my room. Not clickable, because the quality is […]