Disney’s Quinceañera


So we’ve all seen this meme, yes?


It made me giggle. And then it made me pause. I saw it about a year and a half ago for the first time, and I thought, “You know what? 15 is a big milestone for a cat. Why NOT celebrate it?”

At the same time, I realized that this fall you guys will put me past the $10,000 mark in contributions to my annual Strut Your Mutt campaign. That’s a lot of money for the animals at Best Friends, and it seems like it deserves a little extra thanks.

And that’s how Disney’s Quinceañera came to be. Rented Gazebo 1 at Occoquan Regional State Park for the day for a totally reasonable rate and invited folks who’d given over the years. And a few dozen of them showed up!

Set out 6 dozen sparkly pink cupcakes from Bellash Bakery. Added some gluten-free and vegan snacks from Pixie Delights Vegan (who is also a cat rescuer). Washed it down with lemonade, grapefruit Italian soda, and champagne ice cubes, as well as nugget ice pre-made by the Opal (much needed since it was 90° that day).

Since it was Disney’s party, I honored her wishes and didn’t make her hang out with a bunch of strange humans. Mom put some tulle and flowers on a “proxy” statue of Dis. Got a portrait of her made for the event by an Etsy artisan and created a selfie station with Disney-on-a-stick ($3 at Kinko’s).

Other fun stuff: my friend (and donor) Karl DJed for us. We had a pre-battered Michael Vick piñata which spilled forth dog and cat treats, wedding-sized bottles of catnip bubbles, and goodie bags that included little lint rollers.

Bottom line? It was a lot of fun. Big thanks to everyone who came out and made the party a success.


2 Responses to “Disney’s Quinceañera”

  1. I love my weird and wonderful cousin.

  2. 2 regansbox

    thx, Deb! ❤

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