Hypothesis #2: On cats and bathtubs


It’s probably more appropriate to call these “hypotheses” instead of “observations.”

This second one started percolating when I just put on a headband with cat ears and freaked Disney out to the point of hissing and puffy tail. She was all, “Who are you and what have you done with Regan?” I thought back to Temple Grandin’s book Thinking in Pictures, and realized Dis had no file photo of Regan with points on her head. To greatly oversimplify, Grandin suggests that animals (and autistic individuals) have a set of images associated with each concept. Give them an image they don’t have in their file, and they find it difficult to process.

Disney keeps me company in the bathroom. Cat owners will be familiar with this phenomenon. One of my favorite things is to soak in the tub and read The New Yorker. I always thought Disney’s discussion with me when I got in was about me not drowning, but now I think she’s chiding me for being about to disappear. You see, she stays with me up until I shampoo my hair, at which point she goes to hide in her safe space. And I think it’s because Regan has abandoned her and been replaced by someone who smells funny and has a white foamy head. Once I’ve dried off (and presumably start to smell less like “clean”), she comes over to sit with me on the couch. But until then, I think she’s wondering where I’ve gone. It all must be very confusing.

(Also, I’m typing this on my Qwerkywriter. Score.)


3 Responses to “Hypothesis #2: On cats and bathtubs”

  1. 1 claire914

    I think my cats have gotten so used to the various outlines my unruly hair can take that I no longer truly scare them, though sometimes I get an ears-back look of alarm. Even then, I am not likely to be left unsupervised in the bathroom.

    (Also, perk!! A Querkywriter? Do you love it? I want one!)

  2. Rowdy has always loved sitting on the side of my tub popping the bubbles with her fat little paws. She has no interest in the person in the bath. And I have absolutely no idea what a Querkywriter is.

  3. 3 carolmarie2

    Loved reading this. Gives me a better look into your and Disney’s world. Roxy was bathed by one of her previous moms (not a cat one), and she comes to tub to have me use a damp rough wash cloth on her. She helps by turning and twisting her body. She wants no part in actually getting in the tub though.

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