Odometer ticks over


As of this past April 8th, half of my life has passed since Dad’s accident. Every day from here on out, I will have spent more of my life with head-injured Dad than with pre-injury Dad, which is a jarring milestone for me. I worry that I’m losing memories of who he was before. But you know how you occasionally have dreams where you have conversations with dead people from your life and your dream self doesn’t acknowledge that they don’t exist anymore in the real world so it feels just like it did when they were alive? I occasionally have dreams with pre-injury Dad, and they’re the best. Even when we argue. I’m going to guess that folks with loved ones with Alzheimer’s have a similar phenomenon, wherein you have dreams of a person who’s still alive but no longer present.

In other news, folks with toddlers who ride in carseats and realize 5 minutes into the trip that they have to use the potty? I feel your pain. Take off the transfer belt, braces, shoes, tuck Dad in. Go to turn the fan on and come back to find him trying to get out of bed. Reverse procedure, take him to the toilet, and then repeat. Are we there yet?

Also, I think I gave Roxanne (Mom and Dad’s cat) a really lovely vitamin B deep conditioning treatment today for her fur.

Basically, it’s your standard weekend, only now in HD, which I plan to rant about later if I don’t get distracted.


2 Responses to “Odometer ticks over”

  1. Regan, I have dreams about Hannah a lot. Usually she’s a baby and I can be with her in total love and peace without all the pain and suffering that happened in later years. I think dreams like this give us comfort and I welcome them. God bless you cousin. I can’t imagine your family’s struggles but I admire the guts and bravery. Love you.

  2. 2 regansbox

    {{{}}} It’s so nice to be able to spend time with someone who’s gone. Glad you have more time with Hannah, even if it’s while asleep.

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