Neko Zamurai


Tama-No-JyoBack in April, I started seeing ads for a new season of a TV show coming out in Japan: Neko Zamurai. I snagged what’s probably an illegal sub off of Amazon. Finished the first season last weekend, and I adored it.

First off, it’s a period comedy, something we don’t really do in America. Well, maybe something like Happy Days qualifies. But it reminded me of Three’s Company. It’s set when samurai were falling out of favor and our hero, Kyutaro Madarame, is a ronin who can’t find work. A guy who’s basically Mr. Furley hires him to kill a cat he thinks is possessed. No big spoiler here since this is the premise of the series: our hero can’t do it and instead takes the cat in as his own.

There’s a Janet who lives next door, who’s sweet but obviously not a romantic interest, who is in on the plot and helps hide the rogue cat. There’s sort of a Chrissy character, too, except she’s wise. She’s the local cat expert and also in on it. Also? Madarame has his own theme song which he occasionally sings to himself. You’ll be singing along by the end of the season.

Also, Disney approves of this show. Three different cats play Tama-No-Jyo, and occasionally when one would talk Disney would sit up and respond to the TV set. So apparently she speaks Japanese. Who knew?

You can find the first episode on YouTube. I’m putting a link to one I found here, but it’ll probably stop working since I’m sure it’s not supposed to be up there. If it sounds interesting, feel free to ask me to borrow the Season One DVDs. I’ll be getting Season Two and the movie when I can find them!


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