o hai!


TreesRead an article on the death of the blog the other day (as a result of social media). It made me realize that this has become a place where I basically talk about my vacations (since pictures of cats have gone to Facebook and pics of food/theater outings went to Twitter). Also, it made me remember that I took a picture back in October or November which I thought would make a good blog post, but I never had the time to post it. Here: have a tree. And here’s the last few months of 2013 in a nutshell:

  • Got ejected from the buyer job right after signing off on the pre-production samples of the two products I created from scratch this year, but fortunately the creative team saw me plummeting and swooped in and grabbed me as a copywriter. Went from the busiest time of the year on one team to the busiest time of year on the other. Wrote copy for almost 600 products in 3 months; I’m very grateful I can keep Disney in the kibble to which she has become accustomed.
  • Dad fell. Hip replacement was last year’s news, but he keeps falling during his recovery. Somebody has to be with him at all times now, and generally 165 hours a week that’s Mom and 3 hours a week it’s me.
  • Made it out to the Maryland Renaissance Festival 9 times this year, I think. Caught the Victorian Music Hall and Hack & Slash’s farewell show.
  • Got to see Holly.
  • Went as Plava Laguna for Halloween.
  • On some sort of game theory kick in books. Read Ender’s Game, then Player of Games by Iain M. Banks, and now in the middle of Karl Schroeder’s Lockstep, which is being serialized in Analog.
  • DragonVale

  • In cat news, raised money for and volunteered at Best Friends’s Strut Your Mutt Baltimore event. Went to as much as I could of Alley Cat Allies’s conference.
  • Addicted to DragonVale, which is basically FarmVille but with dragons. To the right you see the island to which I relegate all ugly dragons so I don’t have to see them all the time.

6 Responses to “o hai!”

  1. You have been busy!!

  2. I feel sorry for the ugly dragons. 😦

  3. 3 T. Reedy

    Nice tree!

    Glad you got that last-minute job change!

    9 times to the Renfest? That’s awesome! Amy and I got a few visits to TRF in this year.

    Tim TnAsTravels “Make things as simple as possible. But no simpler. -A. Einstein

  4. 4 regansbox

    They can totally go in your yard, Deb. Think of what ol’ crotchety neighborhood association would have to say about that!

  5. 5 regansbox

    I don’t know how folks like you who have kids do it, Orion.

  6. Regan, I can loan you a pamphlet on how to “make” the kids. It really doesn’t take much time at all. Not sure I can recommend “raising” them tho. That is a whole ‘nutha story. 😦

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