Mid-Vacation Update


imageI’m in the middle of this year’s vacation to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. The best friend, Holly, came out with me this time, and she’s been meeting parrots. This picture was taken on my second shift, which was spent at Sinjin’s (the former HQ building) with miss Millie, who’s part of the biggest loser club in Cat World. Her caregivers carry her 10-20 yards away from her building, and she works her way back as exercise. Girl lost 2 oz. last week, so she’s getting ready for kitty bikini season. Spent a shift at Quincy Mo and two today at Benton’s. Probably one more at Benton’s tomorrow and an hour of something at Quincy Mo and then a quick tour of Bunnies before we head back to Vegas. As per usual, there will be pictures up on Flickr once I get home and have time to write. Hopefully Sunday.


One Response to “Mid-Vacation Update”

  1. Kitty bikini season. 🙂 Miss Rowdy is getting ready too. She’s my plus sized queen. Regan, you are my favorite weirdo. “Vacation” to a kitty rescue place. You are one in a million. THANK YOU from all of us losers. –Deb

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