Once Again, Meet Rowling


RowlingSome of y’all will remember Rowling from her inauspicious start in this world. And despite me calling her “my medical foster,” she’s been with me now for years, after her first long-term adopter brought her back. And why is that, you might ask.

  • I don’t like strangers traipsing through my apartment. (I could have ended that four words earlier.)
  • It’s a pain in the ass to keep my apartment clean like somebody might walk through at any time. I’m a bachelorette, so my messes tend to be pizza boxes and half-finished craft projects, but they’re still bachelor-level messes all the same.
  • I’m afraid someone’s going to go into Rowling’s suite and see the poop on the carpet and freak out.

What do those things have in common? They’re all about me. None of them is about the cat. Here’s the only reason that’s worth a damn: I don’t want Rowling going to someplace that doesn’t understand what they’re getting in to. So I’ve built a page all about Rowling, in the hopes that she can go to the perfect forever home. Please share it with anybody you know who might have a lead on a special-needs-suitable locale she could call home.

Meet Rowling.

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