Moar Vacation Details


imageThursday morning I was slated to try on some shirts for a presentation the store was doing at lunch, so I skipped the morning shift. That gave me the opportunity to tour Wild Friends and Parrot Garden. Parrots are still not my thing, but I think I want to take a Wild Friends tour every time I come. Hawks and owls and even a little mink who had his own swimming pool. Stir fry for lunch. Popped back by the store to get a hoodie because although it’d been 85 degrees on Wednesday, there was a possibility of snow. (It didn’t.) Spent my afternoon shift assigned to Morgaine’s, where I’d never been. It’s where they house the kittens when they come in (no volunteers in that bit) and some special needs kitties. Made a few new, adorable neurological friends with CH, and got to walk Tuffy, a kitty who died while being neutered. Lots of dishes. Lots of playtime. Ate dinner at Nedra’s Too before coming back to the room and falling asleep at 8 p.m. Yes, really. This vacation thing is tiring!

Friday morning went back to Benton’s House. Cleaned Niblet’s, which is always messy since they have some incontinents. Got to walk Black Jack, which was awesome. We were out for almost an hour and covered around a mile. He almost pulled me straight through a bush when he saw a lizard. Got to brush Buddy, which was sweet. Bob came over and sat in my lap while I did it, so that was even better. Lunch was tasty fettuccine, and then I went over to Quincy House (nee Kitty Motel) for a little mopping, some dishes, folding laundry, and just generally doing my best to out of the caregivers’ way. Got to make some new friends, including Hermes, Tiny Tim, and new, tiny Eliana, all of whom have paralyzed hindquarters and went crazy over a wand toy. And, amazingly, one of the caregivers remembered a photo that I’d sent them of three of the Pahrump kitties sunning. I don’t even remember sending it. It’s not just the animals, but also the amazing humans who do this every day that make volunteering at Best Friends so rewarding. Dinner at the new and quite good Canyon Bistro. I’d recommended it to other volunteers visiting. And that’s it for this year. Hopefully another visit spring of next year!


2 Responses to “Moar Vacation Details”

  1. Regan you are a strange and wondrous beast. I’m honored to know you. Thank you from all the needy animals. Hugs.

  2. 2 carolmarie2

    I Agee with Deb’s post!

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