Back In Kanab


imageIt’s vacation time again! Spent Monday in Vegas at Aria, and got to spend some time with a friend I made on Bitnet. His SO gave us an awesome tour of Encore (he worked on it). It’s got sumptuous furnishings and an orthogonal layout (which is only notable because it’s a casino). Fun words I never get to use FTW. Got to see their new place, try out a new Cajun restaurant, and I got to scritch Winston, which was really all that mattered. 😉

Snagged a rental car Tuesday morning and headed out to Kanab. Got in at 3:00 on the dot, just in time for the last tour of the day. So much has changed at Best Friends since I was here last in 2009. Notably, there’s a puppy complex now and a gorgeous, huge Cat HQ building. Dinner at the Rockin’ V with two other volunteers.

Got up bright and early Wednesday morning for a 7:30 orientation. Got a tour of Cat HQ (which has pocket doors down each side which slide open or closed to join rooms – brilliant) where many of the cats who aren’t cat-friendly live. Spent my first shift with my favorites at Benton’s. Got to take care of my Dillymonster and Miss Dot’s room, as well as peek in on Blackjack. Met Katy, a new lovebug who followed me around in the manner of Candy, only without the shoulder-riding. Lunch at Angel Village was great. I found myself picking at a piece of chicken before I remembered it was tofu. And the tiramisu was spectacular. Spent the afternoon shift at Kitty Mo. I was petting HRH Princess Thumper when they brought out her pop bottle to show some other volunteers, and I got to squeak, “I did that!” *grins* Helped out a bit on cleaning quickly before rain moved in and did some laundry folding. 9 loads. They average 9 loads a day at Kitty Mo in industrial machines. That’s more than I do in a month. I do not envy them.


5 Responses to “Back In Kanab”

  1. 1 Liz

    Wow! It seems like you’d been there more recently. And that’s a LOT of laundry. Mostly towels?

  2. 2 regansbox

    Yeah! Doesn’t it? Towels and rugs is one shelving unit. The other two are various beds and blankets and pads and stuffs, sorted by size.

  3. 3 Tim R

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Do you know how to vaca or what!!! Mulder says mew.

  5. 5 carolmarie2

    Glad that you are loving all the sweet kitties at BF. Your two back in VA are doing great….seem to like me better every day. I can’t wait to hear more of detailscof you trip.

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