Adopt a Buttercup


imageFirst off, this is not my image. I did my best but couldn’t track it down to the original. I guess that’s kind of how memes go. I saw this image again the other day for the dozenth time and thought to myself, “Well, that’s Buttercup if I’ve ever seen one.” Buttercup, for the uninitiated, is the much-maligned tomcat in The Hunger Games trilogy.

I picked up the first book, The Hunger Games when it came out. It was good timing. I was doing a survey of contemporary dystopian fiction aimed at teens. I liked the first book in the same way you like a good action/adventure flick, and put it down without having to read the rest of the series. But one of my friends at work insisted that it got better and I had to give the second and third books a shot. And I did. And it’s a completely different trilogy looking back from the end of book three. If the first book is an action/adventure movie, the second and third books are very solidly in drama. I still find myself occasionally pondering some of the moral questions opened up in the final chapters. There aren’t any easy answers, and that makes the series worthwhile to me for adults as well as kids. If you haven’t read it yet and you think you might like it, the first two chapters of the first book are up on Scribd.

Now that we all know what I’m ranting about, Buttercup. Katniss tries to drown him when Prim brings him home because it’s one more mouth to feed. When she doesn’t succeed, they end up having a sort of respect for each other’s strengths. And, as I’m looking at swimming meme cat, I thought to myself, “You know. I bet the intersection of the Venn diagram of families with little girls who love The Hunger Games and families who have been thinking about adding a cat to their household is not null. In fact, I bet it’s pretty significant. And if we could get just one of these cats a forever home, that’d be worth me creating this.

So I set out to find me some adoptable Buttercups. The basic qualifications I used:
1) Gotta be a male. We know that much about Buttercup for sure.
2) Can’t be a kitten. Buttercup’s experienced the world. He survived on his own in The Seam, where he could have easily ended up in Greasy Sae’s stew.
3) Has to be buff. Well, buff or orange. We don’t know a lot from Katniss’s biased descriptions of him, but we do know he was distinctly NOT the yellow of a buttercup.
4) Ears must be unique. Some of the cats listed here have been eartipped (which generally means they were at one time part of a feral colony). Some of them have fought frostbite and won. Or maybe other cats. We’ll never know for most of them, the same way we don’t know how Buttercup lost half an ear. All we know is now they want to have em scritched by a loving owner. So let’s get to it.

Oh, and these guys are all District 12 and north and east of the Capitol. Don’t know how that happened. I searched the entire country. Came back with these guys.

A Baker’s Dozen of Adoptable Buttercups

My personal superlatives:
Best Eyes the Color of Rotting Squash: Ricki from Springfield, VA
Best Poofy-Cheeked Tom: Sylvester from Harrisburg, NC
Most Likely to Go Quietly In the Bag: Farley from Savoy, IL (look at that cowboy hat!)

Do you know of another perfect Buttercup candidate who’s waiting for a forever home? Nominate him! I’d love to have 13 cats featured at all times as long as… well, folks other than just me are visiting this page. So please post your own Buttercup nominees in the comments, and I’ll add them to the map as these get adopted. Or maybe I’ll just add them anyhow. You can never have too many Buttercups, right?

Oh, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


One Response to “Adopt a Buttercup”

  1. 1 Carol

    What a worthy project! Wish you and all the needy Buttercups much success.

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