October Is Crazy


imageThe pic is Dis on my lap after I got home from San Francisco. And it’s also what I feel like right now. October is probably my favorite month of the year. It’s chock full of awesome. There’s the Renaissance festival and Halloween and the leaves turning. But it is also too damn busy. And working in retail isn’t helping.

Started this month off going to (best friend Holly’s brother) Matt’s wedding in San Francisco. That included getting to visit DNA Lounge (bonus! not having to worry about whether or not I was hip enough to enter said lounge because now it has a pizza joint attached), hitting a really fun thrift shop (the pink, vinyl drag queen boots in the window drew us in), shopping at some gorgeous art and fabric supply stores Holly had picked out, and really good food including some well-timed post-public-transport-fiasco hot wings. I’d never been to one before, but weddings at wineries are the win. Between the Blue Angels practicing overhead and seeing a bunch of people I’ve only really seen together within one context, I felt like I was somewhere between 5 and 15 again. Which is probably good on occasion.

At the moment my apartment looks more like an episode of Hoarders than a bachelor(ette) pad. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel of misplaced crap. But not yet. Now I’m off to finish some birthday presents and start on the Halloween costume.

3 Responses to “October Is Crazy”

  1. Feeling between 5 and 15 is something you can never have too much of. Can’t wait to see the Halloween costume!

  2. Your pictures are outstanding!! (I only took pictures of food, and they mostly came out very badly, so I haven’t bothered posting).

  3. What did you go as for Halloween?

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