imageI get to watch my first Fringe when it airs tonight. Yes, I’m easily excited. Made Timmy, ThinkGeek’s mascot, an Observer costume for the season premiere. Nobody noticed. I mean, my coworkers did. But there was no general hue and cry from the masses. I even had his name worked out, in case somebody asked: OcTimber. I’d been planning him for months, but I didn’t get down to finishing him until 11 this morning. The sewing machine and I had a fight, so a lot of him is quickly hand tacked. He’s a little ghetto, but that’s okay because our web cam at the office is also a little ghetto. I had originally planned to make the entire outfit changeable so it could go on Timmy Prime, whom Carrie has given a wire armature. Ah, but it was so much easier to sew him into it. Now I know what Project Runway contestants feel like when Tim Gunn says, “We’re GOING to the runway now. Chop chop.”

One Response to “Observations”

  1. 1 Tim

    Timmy’s my hero. (Well, you are too, Regan.)

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