How I Spent My Summer Vacation^H^H^H Bonus


imageYay for new outfits. I’m a fan of Smarmy Clothes, but I haven’t ever found anything I liked in my measurements. So when she put this dress up with tiny robots over it and I’d juuust gotten my bonus check, I had to pick it up. Plus, my first over-the-knee socks from Sock Dreams and a pair of red patent heels I’ve had forever. And a red patent belt from Kohls to give me a waist. And a grey sweater for work to make it look a bit more professional and less like a professional.

And there was experimental chocolate making last evening: srirachacolate. Tangy with a little burning in the aftertaste. Not something I’d probably try again.

Also, bonus Disney. She’s currently serenading me with the “leave” concerto, which sounds something like, “Mow. Moow. Mow. Mooow. Mow.” as she tries to get me to go to work so she can have her going-away treats.

2 Responses to “How I Spent My Summer Vacation^H^H^H Bonus”

  1. Smarmy clothes? I’d make a snarky comment, but then you’d probably fisk me, and then I’d be all “wtf?”

    Would people from 20 years from now even recognize this language?

    Hi Disney!

  2. 2 Laura Moran

    Va-va-voom! You are stylin!

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