Silent Shakespeare


imageI’d heard about Synetic’s silent interpretations of Shakespeare. I read/watch Shakespeare FOR the words. Why would I want to go see a show without them? But Kay and I tend to have very similar opinions on good Shakespeare, so when she gave Synetic’s Othello a rave review, I decided I had to go see it. Othello is one of my favorites; I figured it was a good touchstone for gauging whether or not I’d like this.

I only wish I’d seen it before the closing day so I could have recommended that more people go see it. It was masterfully staged and brought into the modern era. Scraps of the original words would float up in my brain as they performed; it made me wonder if they rehearse with the text. Somehow I’d never realized what a huge role Roderigo inadvertently plays. When you strip all the words away, it becomes clear that his actions as much as Casio’s build the lie, which is all the more revealing since he’s a character who wasn’t in Shakespeare’s source. And at this point I’m blathering. Three Iagos works, but it makes the play that much more about Iago. Since the play already tends that way, I was happy to go with it. I hope their 2011 season has something I love in it. I will definitely call around to my fellow Shakespeare fans the next time I go catch one of Synetic’s shows.

5 Responses to “Silent Shakespeare”

  1. 1 Holly

    Nice! Sounds like it was pretty intense. I admit, I was having trouble imagining it, since most of what I know of Shakespeare was handed to me as words on pages… and I’m a horribly verbal creature sometimes.

  2. 2 regansbox

    Holly — Here’s a trailer they put together that gives you a pretty decent idea what the show felt like:

  3. 3 Holly

    Wow. Killer costumes, too. I’m impressed.

  4. 4 Liz

    That looks soooo cool!

  5. 5 Kay

    I’m glad you finally saw a Synetic show. We have season tickets, so let’s get together next season and go.

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