I made this!


imageimageOkay. I didn’t make this gryphon. John Tenniel did. However, I screened it. After three years selling t-shirts, I’ve made my first one. It’s not perfect, but it’s awesome. And since this is one of my favoritest images ever, I’m saving the design for at least a week to have a few more goes at it before I reclaim the screen.

Second image is my new favorite organizing tool. Andrea at work and I were talking about how much we appreciate OPI’s practice of releasing a set of fake nails with their latest collection, so that you can hold the swatch up to your finger and see what it would look like on you. Especially after I started taking beta carotene, looking at the shade against my fingers is crucial. Andrea discovered a place you can buy the blank OPI palettes online. Voila. I did one for each of the colors in my polish retinue currently. You find interesting things out about yourself when you do this. For instance, I had no idea I had three shades of green that were so close in tone. The leftestmost is Aquatone from Chinoiserie. The middle is Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. The far right is Orly’s Gumdrop (as seen on Andrea in the office), which renders a lovely turquoise on my fingers. It’s just as well that they were out of OPI’s Breathe Life. I don’t need a fourth one.

4 Responses to “I made this!”

  1. 1 Chris

    That is so awesome. You are so awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. So there.

  2. 2 Sammy's mom

    Did the Beta carotine change the color of any of your body parts lol? Trying to fit that info into the rest of the post… I love the T-shirt, and love how excited you get about nails. I am nail challenged, especially since moving and finding how hard scrubbing, sanding, caulking, nailing and spakling is on one’s fingernails… love you and miss you and can’t wait for a visit!

  3. 3 Regan

    Yes, Laura, the Beta Carotene changed the color of my skin. It sucks. But it makes the body parts happy (and orange). 😉

  4. 4 Pam

    That would make a great t-shirt! Or the nail colors down a sleeve… the beta carotine really changes your skin color? How much are you taking???

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