imageimageimageIt’s been a week of crafting. The first picture demonstrates that I either need to get some Windex or put Photoshop on my home machine. And also that I turned my Self-Rescuing Princess shirt into a raglan. Still figuring out the whole stretchy fabric thing, but I’m pretty happy with it. Second and third photos are for the Yuri’s Night celebration at Goddard Space Center that a few of us attended on behalf of ThinkGeek. The overskirt is a space blanket. This is not a good material for sneaking up on someone. Also, it’s so lightweight that it tends to billow up. Carrie and E kept fixing it so I didn’t look like I had a huge butt. I was emulating JiffyPop Popcorn by the time I left. And my favorite thing, my Tang purse. It was so much fun to make and took all of 15 minutes. The part that took the longest was figuring out what to put the Tang in. (Can’t let 4 lbs. of Tang go to waste!) The personalized tour of Goddard that we got was incredible. I knew I couldn’t miss it because I could remember how incredible the field trip there was back when I was in 5th grade. (Hi, Brendan.) If you want an idea of some of the stuff we saw, check out this YouTube video. Note that at 1:19 when he gestures at the acoustic testing chamber, the huuuuge thing above his head to the left is the *subwoofer*. The tweeter is across the room and is about human height. srs NASA is srs.

6 Responses to “Craftiness”

  1. 1 Holly

    Yay! Pictures! Great stuff you made. Very impressed!

    Is it hard to sew the space blanket? Or, too easy? For some reason I imagine that once you poke a hole in it, it would want to keep tearing, but that’s probably something else I’m thinking of. Like, potato chip bags.

  2. 2 regansbox

    You’re absolutely right. After reading Craftster, there was no sewing involved. I used book binding tape to pleat it and then ribbon on the other side, on the theory that I was going to sew the bottom of the ribbon down, but I didn’t need to.

  3. 3 Liz

    I understand now why you didn’t wear the overskirt inside. 🙂 You are a craftmeister extraordinaire!

  4. 4 Tim

    You are made of awesome!

  5. 5 pjwilson

    Creativity at it’s best = Regan
    Friends = inspired

  6. 6 Stacie Lee

    Love the Tang purse!!! Nice work.

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