Happy Birthday, Disney


imageimageCrazy cat. Give her any more catnip and she’ll be wearing a lampshade. Dis turned 7 today. We celebrated with a gourmet meal of Fancy Feast’s Chopped Grilled Feast in a reduction garnished with Hill’s Prescription Diet’s Hypoallergenic Treats, chosen primarily because they’re shaped like little hearts. (She is currently sleeping off her dinner. Fortunately, she did not hear me relocating them to get the name off the bag.)

imageI found Dis at the Fairfax City Animal Shelter via Petfinder, and on days like this one, I like to pull out her medical records just to look at that top line. I need to see if I can track down the vet or technician who initialed her stay of execution and say thank you.

One Response to “Happy Birthday, Disney”

  1. 1 Liz

    Happy birfday, Dis!!

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