imageimageHave I mentioned recently how much I love you guys? So Carrie (and Derek) and Andrea and John at work filled the kitchen with red velvet cupcakes for my birthday, and Jen decorated them with my favorite things (including polyhedral dice, the Best Friends logo, and pancakes with syrup). Then Holly and Liz schemed to throw me a surprise party at Cheesecake Factory. Which worked. I fell for it big time. I had that, “Why are all these people here?” moment before I realized what was going on. Also, there were many lovely presents and well-wishes from everybody. Two of you, specifically, need to own up. One of you got me The Maxx on DVD and one of you got me a Three Wolf Moon Shirt. That’s right. I know one of them is Pompa, but I’m not sure which one…. *grins*

One Response to “Birthdayness”

  1. 1 Liz

    We like you and stuff.

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