Magic, Day 2


imageimageimageDay 2 I went over to Mandalay Bay for the menswear section. Many of our current vendors were over there, and I found some license holders we’d been looking for. Project was a lot of fun, if sparkly. They had a station set up where you could get your hair done. Pondered it and then realized they’d give me something I’d be far too lazy to maintain. The awesome blue fur thing is from there. I’m going to imagine it’s faux fur. I didn’t stick around to ask. Oh! And check out the Forrestal jacket. I knew it; Dad is stylin’. Street was crazy. Passed one of the Kardashians (I can’t tell them apart). The sign seemed appropriate. “Fashion: we’re pretty, but we’re not so bright.” Dealing with all the people, I’ve had to retreat to my room and recharge instead of go out after the show, but I have a plan for this morning. It involves Star Wars slot machines.


2 Responses to “Magic, Day 2”

  1. 1 Holly

    Taxi’s what??? And who is Taxi? People will name their kids any damn thing these days.

  2. 2 Liz

    I think it’s Taxi’s Federation communicator thingy at a jaunty angle.

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