Magic, Day 1


imageimageimagePosting this from Magic, the big apparel trade show in Las Vegas. Decided at the last minute to go. Really glad I did. The vastness of it all really puts things in perspective. Started out in women’s wear, which was intimidating. You can instantly tell the buyers from everyone else. The buyers look like they’ve eaten in the past week. And, of course, when you say, “Oh, we’re online” everything you say after that (annual revenue, etc.) is “la la la”ed out by those sorts of folks. But I got to meet up with some of my favorite vendors and found some awesome new stuff we have to have. Check out that ruffled poptab purse. They do belts, which might work for us. After lunch, I went to visit Fluevog, who were stuck over in Platform, the high-end section. White curtains, carpet, subdued music. It was the complete wrong atmosphere for their products. Snapped a pic of this shoe for Liz. Came in three color schemes (you can see the two others behind this one). The purple had this gorgeous feel — either a calfskin or a soft suede. Ended the day in Pool, which is where I should have started for morale purposes and where Fluevog should have been. I didn’t have to do the excessive enunciation for them (“ThiNkkkkGeeKkkk”) — most of them saw my badge and said, “OH! I shop there!” And so many were a great fit for us. Check out that first picture. Tokidoki’s gotten a Marvel license!


3 Responses to “Magic, Day 1”

  1. Man, I like those shoes. Is that wrong?

  2. 2 regansbox

    LOL, Tim! They do a LOT of guys’ shoes. And also lots of sexy options for Amy. Rawr.

  3. 3 Liz

    LOVE EET!!

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