Ice on Display


imageimageimageMom and I went to see ICE! (two of my favorite things: unnecessary capitalization and exclamation points) at National Harbor after Christmas. Meant to post this on her birthday but was overcome by events. It was pretty amazing; they’d clearly planned it out well. Two million pounds of ice. It’s an ice hotel without any of the staying overnight. It’s 9 degrees inside. Part of your ticket price is them outfitting you in a parka before you go in. We both thought it was short, but we also were cold enough that we wanted to leave when we got to the end. We were smart enough not to do the ice slides, though. Cause what you really need when you can’t feel your fingers is a frozen butt. If you’re on FB and you don’t see three pictures, click here. I promise there are no frozen butts.

2 Responses to “Ice on Display”

  1. 9 Degrees! No one can survive that!

  2. 2 Sammy's mom

    Very cool. I guess that is called “Art”ic ice? 😉

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