My First Konad


imageThere was a tragic misstep Thursday evening when I decided to try the Konad and then realized (after smudging the base coat) that I had no nail polish remover in the condo. Lovely. Then I thought it was all for the best, since I was going to be taking care of the Danville ferals over the weekend, which will involve like 12 litterboxes. That didn’t last long. Friday night I had to try it. So here’s my first attempt. Just realized it’s very Spurs-y without intending it. And also? I totally suck at doing my right hand. Going to have to brief the left hand on coordination.

One more note. Ordered Maru’s book as a Christmas present for myself from Mom and Dad. I love being able to navigate without having to translate since their sites are so similar. Check out the cat pose on the cover of one of my related items, which is about stray and feral cats: He is totally the catminister of silly walks.

One Response to “My First Konad”

  1. 1 Sammy's mom

    Love the nails, and love the SPURS color palette, and miss you like crazy! We looked at houses in Boerne yesterday. Thinking about moving to the country. Found a house completely unintentionally that José really likes. Has a pool even. Do you know the saddest thing? I am worried about my ferals if we move. Sigh…

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