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I’m here at SourceForge’s gathering in Chicago. First is an image of Geoff. The lighting isn’t that poor. The camera on my G1 is. The LED in his neck is real. We headed out to Elephant and Castle for Strongbow and Guiness. Second is the view from my room. Not clickable, because the quality is […]



Today’s the 15th anniversary of my dad’s head injury. I wanted to say something about it on the blog, but I don’t know what. So maybe just some random thoughts. * Every time Excel frustrates me, I think of Dad. He was the master of Pivot Tables. He could do things with Excel then that […]

So I’m driving to PetSmart Wednesday night to pick up emergency cat litter, and I did a doubletake. There was a Jason’s Deli. No joke. I didn’t realize there were any up here. Friday, when I told the lunch crowd that there was free ice cream to be had, I had immediate takers. Dunno how […]