10th Anniversary Party



ThinkGeek’s 10th Anniversary party was a blast. We rented a riverboat and sailed around the Potomac for a while, whilst noshing. Death by Sexy played. And we had a super-spectacular cake made by Charm City Cakes (the bakery from Ace of Cakes). The bottom layer, which I had a piece of, was peanut butter cup, and featured the new site’s background of zombies and robots. (By the way, if you’re not seeing lots of pictures of the cake followed by two pictures of the ship, click through to https://regansbox.wordpress.com/ for the original entry.) The second layer was a whole bunch of geeky space ships. I took a shot from the back where the Death Star, TARDIS, and Enterprise are featured, lit by our LED Graffiti. Oh, and a dead taun taun draped over the edge of this layer. Next layer was a scene from Mario. Then a square logo layer, and at the top a binary layer with the number 10 and fondant Timmy on the very top, wearing a meh. shirt. Around the bottom were various shirts and the infamous exploding helicopter from the holiday before I got there. And I can’t remember all the other flavors, but I’m pretty sure we had one layer of cardamom and pistachio, and a layer of almond, and one of something chocolatey. Can’t remember. Didn’t eat those. The peanut butter cup reminded me of Baskin Robbins’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream; it had swirls of peanut butter mixed in. Okay. Enough cake talk. We ended the day in our rooms at the Kimpton, which was super posh. And… that’s it. 🙂

4 Responses to “10th Anniversary Party”

  1. 1 the mom

    Ohhhh….awesome cake, posh hotel, cruise on the Potomac. These folks KNOW how to do a partee!

  2. 2 pjwilson

    ditto on the awesome cake comment!!! Wow.

  3. 3 Mike P

    damn. I’m all a’drool with envy. Just happy somebody I know is having this kind of experience!!!!! 😀

  4. Wish I was there. I’d love to try that cake and I’ve always enjoyed Death by Sexy. Alas, I live in Canada and don’t know you. But, otherwise…

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