For Nailpolish Lovers: The Swatchaholic


imageAfter I got my last batch of nailpolish, which included a green which looked great in the bottle but was completely unworkable on my actual fingers, I discovered The Swatchaholic. She reviews all sorts of makeup, but my favorite is her nailpolish. She puts it on her nails, tells you how many coats and what treatments she used (base coat, top coat, etc.) and frequently takes a picture of the color in incandescent and sunlight for comparison. Had I seen OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape on her site, I would have known it wouldn’t work on me. Likewise, this week she posted Essie’s Sag Harbor, and I knew it would look good on me. The color isn’t even listed on the Essie corporate site yet, but I had to go to Ulta to get it because it looked so great on Swatchaholic. And it is. Yay.

4 Responses to “For Nailpolish Lovers: The Swatchaholic”

  1. 1 Amy McDaniel

    My beauty-product-aficionado sister says THANK YOU for the link to The Swatchaholic.

  2. 2 Holly

    Forget the nail polish. I want her *nails*. ::sigh::

  3. srsly.

  4. Hi Regan!

    Thank you so much for writing about my blog! šŸ™‚ ā™„

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