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That is all. (Well, it would have been all, except I’m going to have to note that I took this last weekend and forgot about it until I’d gone to update the blog with yesterday’s picture. Real-time blogging is highly overrated. 😉 ) Advertisements

Yeah, change is good, but sometimes change ticks me off. Another one of the adorable older houses on the waterfront in Occoquan was torn down last week. Looks like the land sold for 730k and the house was promptly plowed under. Two houses down, the neighbors’ mansion is up for sale for 4 million. So, […]

ThinkGeek’s 10th Anniversary party was a blast. We rented a riverboat and sailed around the Potomac for a while, whilst noshing. Death by Sexy played. And we had a super-spectacular cake made by Charm City Cakes (the bakery from Ace of Cakes). The bottom layer, which I had a piece of, was peanut butter cup, […]

After I got my last batch of nailpolish, which included a green which looked great in the bottle but was completely unworkable on my actual fingers, I discovered The Swatchaholic. She reviews all sorts of makeup, but my favorite is her nailpolish. She puts it on her nails, tells you how many coats and what […]