imageimageBefore these pics, I got a half a dozen pictures of Mark’s feet and Adam’s shoes with a tiny bit of kitten blur on the edge of the frame. At one moment yesterday, Tesla nee Eyeliner decided that a cleaning was in order, and it continued long enough for me to grab my phone. Edison nee Socks is much easier to get on camera since he loves to snuggle, as evidenced by this shot with Jocelyn. At one point when the three brothers and their little sister were reunited yesterday, Socks sort of wanted to play, but not badly enough to get up out of Joc’s legs where he had made a little nest. He’s all, “Ehn. Ehn. Is this going to require getting up? Screw you guys. *lounge*” Halloween is very snuggly with the humans, too, but he’s all hissy with the kittens, even Lily, whom he’s been living with. Last night Adam took the two brothers to their furever home, so I hope Halloween chills out when it’s just he and his little sister again. Yay to Liz and Leesa for being super-incredible foster meowms.

3 Responses to “Kittenage”

  1. 1 Tim

    Thank you very much. You have just reactivated the “must have kitten” area of my brain. Gah!



  2. 2 pjwilson

    Beautiful! Where did they come from? How old are they? Want full story!

  3. Liz’s coworker found them on her boat. Momma was nowhere to be seen, and they were around 3 weeks old. Liz and Leesa tag-teamed the 24-hour care for the five of them, and four of them made it, three brothers and a little girl that at one point Liz was tube feeding with the smallest tube you’ve ever seen. Best of all, they went to good homes in pairs. 😉

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