One Year Later…


imageimageVisited yesterday with two of the cats who grew from the kittens picked up at the feral colony. And by “visited” I mean that after Natalie dragged Beatrice out for me to pet her (think Sug), she only shivered for like five minutes, and poor Benedick literally bounced off the walls trying to get away from the horrible lady who was here to eat the cats for sure.

It was clear it was the perfect home for them. They’ve settled in beautifully, each having their own special areas. And I got to see pictures of them lounging, paws up, which is always a good sign. If you can do that in a household with a toddler, you feel safe.

So a little before and after shot there. Little fluffball feeling tile on her feet for the first time is just a year and one month ago. Gorgeous caramel orange kitteh with tabby stripes + ocicat splotches is today. She turned out a little more orange than her likely dad, whom, hopefully, we’ll catch in the next month with my new trap. Cross fingers.

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