Some Settling May Occur


imageimageMade a chicken sandwich cake for Michael’s birthday at work. He’s one of those folks who camped out at a Chik-Fil-A opening to get free sandwiches for a year. Score! So anyhow. By the time we served this, unfortunately, the top bun had decided to move south and it looked like gravity had taken a big bite out of the bun. Which it had. It was the exact right amount of settling about 11 a.m. and everything from there on out was entropy. About 1:30 we decided to help it along and ate it. Big thanks to Carrie for not letting me cast myself out the second story window when I realized that the bun had fallen apart. Cause I would have just broken stuff, and that would suck.

6 Responses to “Some Settling May Occur”

  1. 1 Holly

    This is such a rock star cake. People will be LOLCATing it, and posting it to photo sharing sites, and passing it around in emails to their nieces any day now.

  2. 2 Kim

    The texture on the chicken is perfect as are the ridged pickles. And the moist-looking glisten on the bun is incredible. You should send a picture to S. Truett Cathy (or his descendant or the CEO or whoever). Maybe you’ll score some free CFA meal passes of your own. Bravo!

  3. 3 Chris

    Pictures and words just cannot do this cake justice. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. That the chicken looked like actual meat was impressive, but for some reason it was eclipsed by the bun. The bun was unbelievably realistic. Nothing can beat Regan’s buns. Oh wait. um….. cake.

  4. 4 Connie Collins

    This is amazing. Thanks from Michael’s mom!!

  5. 5 Regan

    *warm fuzzies* everybody!

  6. truly cool cake

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