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A note. It’s really hard to get a picture of yourself. It’s at least three times as hard to get a picture of yourself and your cat, especially when she’s apparently gotten into the catnip this morning. I should have waited 20 minutes. Right now she’s basically asleep on the cat tree. Disney says: NO […]

Visited yesterday with two of the cats who grew from the kittens picked up at the feral colony. And by “visited” I mean that after Natalie dragged Beatrice out for me to pet her (think Sug), she only shivered for like five minutes, and poor Benedick literally bounced off the walls trying to get away […]

Made a chicken sandwich cake for Michael’s birthday at work. He’s one of those folks who camped out at a Chik-Fil-A opening to get free sandwiches for a year. Score! So anyhow. By the time we served this, unfortunately, the top bun had decided to move south and it looked like gravity had taken a […]