imageimageHad a good trip to the Virginia Renaissance Festival today. Got to see Darcy and Craig and also pet doggies. First time I’ve ever seen greyhound coursing, and it was pretty dang cool. It’s amusing that the first time I saw collies doing sheepherding was at a festival (Scarborough) also. Renaissance Festivals sort of cater to the “See dogs doing what they were bred to do” atmosphere, I guess since they often don’t do it anymore in the modern world. And from the photo you can tell I met up with Joc and Mark (“Some girl over there is waving at us”) and Robert Lach and Robert Gonia (birthday boy). Flickr documentation with a decent camera also available.

3 Responses to “VARF”

  1. Nice site! Glad to see there is some life left in Virginia.

  2. 2 reese

    Hi Regan,
    Responding to the comment you left on my cat tree tutorial: You can get that jumbo cardboard tube at your local hardware store. It’s in the section with the cement.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. 3 Regan

    Awesome. Thx!

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