*insert cartoon sound effect here*


Kittens! I promised to upload pictures. And who am I to deny the virtual kitten snorgling masses?

This is two separate litters, one around 8 weeks and one around 4. Younger litter was dumped by the side of the road without their mother, which worked out okay, because the gorgeous, feral Siamese mom of the 8 week old kittens took over nursing them. She’s still trying to nurse her 8 week olds, who are all, “Mooooom. You’re embarrassing us.” So that’s perfect. Not pictured here is tiny Archie, who’s a little smaller than Rowling was when I picked her up. He’s an orange tabby, and when you see him skittering across the floor, he looks just like a little rodent.

The bravest two sisters out of the 8-week bunch went home with my boss’s boss’s family today. They stayed out to play, despite having two small children tromping around the room, which bodes well for everyone.

4 Responses to “*insert cartoon sound effect here*”

  1. 1 em


  2. 2 Katherine

    Too cute! You’re still fostering; yippee! How are Rowling and her brothers doing?

  3. 3 Leesa

    Again, I have to say these are very darling kittens. ::squee::

  4. 4 regansbox

    I’m not fostering! (Disney thoroughly protests when we do that.) These are kittens of friends of a friend. Which, I think, makes them urban legends.

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