Thursday Recap


imageFirst something I forgot yesterday: Dr. Patty Iampetro came in to check on one of the cats in Benton’s while I was there, so I got to say hi. That’s the entire extent of what I said. She’s my fav from the show. She and John Garcia. But I’m sure she gets that all the time, so I just kept washin my dishes and kept my mouth shut. 😉

On to Thursday. Started out the day in Kitty Motel (aka Kitty Mo), which I hadn’t been to before. Working there was freakin’ incredible. Was put in one of the FIV rooms (room 2 with Wrigley). Tossed dirty beds out and replaced, wiped surfaces, dumped and refilled litter, swept, mopped, and washed windows. Folded laundry, washed dishes. Got to watch kitties get nebulized (Wrigley managed to unhook his he was so pissed off about the whole thing…), and got to see what some of the procedures are for more highly contagious diseases. The Incontinental Suite there currently has MRSA, so staff only and they suit up before they go in. Lots of bleach is involved on everything – floors, surfaces, dishes, shoes. And I got to feed Mouse, who’s a neurological kitty. You have to hold her head while she eats or she bobs too much to get anything. We finally settled on my arm around her and my fingers supporting her little jaw. What a sweetie.

Got to meet Jon Dunn aka @bfas for lunch. I was telling him how humbling it was to meet Cyrus Mejia at lunch the day before, and he told me I was sitting next to Sylvia Battista, another one of the founders. She was incredibly gracious. Our table companions were a young waiter she’d met in St. George and his girlfriend whom she’d invited up to see the sanctuary. It was Thursday, which means it’s the day they catch everybody up on what’s going on around the sanctuary. Heard about escape goats. Learned the word “pignorant.” (It’s more likely a pig will get H1N1 from a human than vice versa.) And if you find a baby bird on the ground under its nest, put it back. Momma doesn’t care if you’ve touched it.

Spent the afternoon back at Benton’s, my main love. Helped clean Niblet’s, washed dishes, got to distract Charlie Brown while one of the caregivers redid his bandages, went on feeding rounds, saw the last bit of Simone’s physical therapy, played with CC and Bubba-Lu with the laser pointer, and ended the day with a pair of neurological siblings in my lap. It was great. Moar plz?

Today I meet up with Jon again to see what ThinkGeek and Best Friends can do together, and then I head back to Vegas and get back to Virginia just as Saturday’s starting. Good vacation.

One Response to “Thursday Recap”

  1. 1 Donna

    I just figured out the next button in the top right hand corner. I’m such a dope. So, I’m all caught up now. This sounds like such an amazing trip. When you get home, you’ll have to email me and tell me how to watch the show so I can see more of what you saw.

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