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Had a good trip to the Virginia Renaissance Festival today. Got to see Darcy and Craig and also pet doggies. First time I’ve ever seen greyhound coursing, and it was pretty dang cool. It’s amusing that the first time I saw collies doing sheepherding was at a festival (Scarborough) also. Renaissance Festivals sort of cater […]

So I’m looking for Disney last night. And I found her in a half-finished pet bed I’m making to put on Etsy (with $5 from the sale of each bed going to Best Friends). I was going to put a note in with each bed that explained that there might be some fur on the […]

Kittens! I promised to upload pictures. And who am I to deny the virtual kitten snorgling masses? This is two separate litters, one around 8 weeks and one around 4. Younger litter was dumped by the side of the road without their mother, which worked out okay, because the gorgeous, feral Siamese mom of the […]

Card Counting


I’m doing some research into printing a few of my images from my trip to Best Friends as notecards. Did the online photo card thing a few Christmases back and was disappointed because I didn’t realize how big the logo was going to be on the back. So went in with clearer requirements this time. […]



Somehow, I don’t think this is what Linus Pauling had in mind.

College Buddies


Got to see Scotti and Markus from college today. They were in this general vicinity for Jeopardy auditions (am I allowed to say that?) and did a bunch of sightseeing. Took them on a grand tour of ThinkGeek World Domination HQ and then over to FirstWatch for some tasty breakfast/lunch. And now they’re on the […]

Thursday Recap


First something I forgot yesterday: Dr. Patty Iampetro came in to check on one of the cats in Benton’s while I was there, so I got to say hi. That’s the entire extent of what I said. She’s my fav from the show. She and John Garcia. But I’m sure she gets that all the […]