Wednesday Recap


imageQuick recap for yesterday. Fully intended to do it last night but was worn out. Morning spent at Benton’s in Niblet’s room. Brush beds, wipe surfaces, clean litter boxes, sweep, mop, wipe windows, and then dishes while Sasha supervised. I had no idea how many dishes a house like Benton’s can generate, since most of the cats are on special diets or get medicine in their food. At lunch sat with some folks I’d met on the tour the day before who work with an Arizona rescue organization. They’d had a dog outing in the morning. As I’m leaving, somebody says my name. It’s Cyrus Mejia, one of the founders. I’d found him on Twitter the night before, and he put two and two together when he saw me tweet that I was here. He’s such an incredible artist. In the afternoon, I hit a bunch of places, trying to find spaces that weren’t already all clean. Did a little in Jill’s Diner, and then ended up hanging out with Tinkerbell in my lap at Vinnie’s for a few hours, which was incredible. Couple of the cats from there are going to an adoption event today. Keep fingers crossed. Flickr has the morning on it as of now.

One Response to “Wednesday Recap”

  1. 1 the mom

    Loved all the photos of all the sweetums. Must say you are such a hero to me for all you do for these sweet innocent creatures. BTW, your sweet Disney in VA is enjoying her gran but missing her mom. 🙂

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