Arrival in Kanab


imageI was trying to get a different perspective of the sign than last year’s. I ended up getting a lovely picture that highlights the Unimproved Road sign. 😉 Most of the pictures are / will be over on the Flickr stream.
Today I had the fastest lunch EVER. Stopped at Cracker Barrel, thinking I had plenty of time, and then freaked out when I realized it was an hour later than I thought it was. Fortunately, when I got back in the car I realized the time zone had changed. That was probably on a sign someplace along the drive, and I missed it. Got into Kanab with plenty of time. Checked in to Quail Park Lodge (verdict: adorable despite the ants roaming around my fridge), and then I headed over to catch the 3 p.m. tour, the last tour of the day. Visited dogs at Amra’s (mostly dog-aggressive – it was neat to see their unique setup) and cats at Benton’s. Right after we stepped into Benton’s room, Sunshine decided she’d be my feather boa, and she stepped on to my shoulder and rode around for probably a good 5 minutes, purring and head-butting until I made the mistake of going into the outside enclosure. She tried to correct my steering with a smack across my petting hand, but ended up bailing out of the public transportation system altogether. Ah well. As per usual, all the cats were freakin’ adorable. And I caught a glimpse of Sweet William on my way out, which made my day. Dinner at Nedra’s. Spurs game. Sleep.

5 Responses to “Arrival in Kanab”

  1. 1 the mom

    Ahhhh, loved Sweet William. What a beautiful blue sky over Kanab. Want to be there in person one day.

  2. 2 Donna

    Oh my goodness, how do you not come home with a suitcase full of cats (besides the real life danger of suffocation thing, yes, I know that would be bad)?? Too too too cute!!!!

  3. 3 pjwilson

    Nedra’s? Did we go there? I don’t remember it…

  4. 4 Regan

    Nope. Tried to go to only new places, but I gave up tonight and hit Big Al’s Burger Joint. It was still filled with noisy, rowdy teenagers, unfortunately, most of whom worked there. Ah well. And tomorrow morning… Francisco’s Hideaway!

  5. 5 Regan

    Oops. Fernando’s.

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