Cthocolate Cake



I was originally thinking octopus, but I ended up making a little Cthulhu cake for Chris’s birthday. This specific Old One is vaguely based on Toy Vault’s plushie (which is one of his products) and wielding a spork (also one of Chris’s products). Chris only specified that he wanted “something chocolate” as his cake, and I’d planned on a Chocolate Decadence Bundt mix. While I was verbally pondering the logistics of having something crawling up out of the cake Saturday night, Joc weighed in that a cupcake in the middle would solve the problem of the body sinking to the bottom. I ended up making the head entirely fondant, so I was really glad it was resting on something. After I was done I realized I have to trim my nails for Best Friends last week (learned my lesson last year). Should have done that last night, and I would have spent far less time rubbing nail marks out of Cthulhu’s head.

2 Responses to “Cthocolate Cake”

  1. 1 Chris

    The nail marks must have been what made it taste so good. Cthulhu this year, the Death Star last year . . . I’m honored to have such a friend as Regan. Would write more now . . . but must eat Cthulhu’s head. Mmmmmmm.

  2. 2 pjwilson

    I found your wordpress blog!!! I am so excited! I really missed keeping up with you. Can’t wait to see pictures and posts from Best Friends. Wish so badly I was going…

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