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Just booked my flight and room for the trip to Best Friends at the end of April. Brace yourselves. There will be lots of photos, for those of you who follow on Flickr, and at least a few mushy blog posts. Can’t wait to see how Dilly and Buddy and Blackjack are doing. And, of […]

Why is it there’s never a “lunch” or a “dinner of champions”? “Midnight snack of champions!” Right. So. I decided dinner tonight would be Friendly’s Reeses Pieces Sundae. After a massage at this place Mom recommended – Massage Envy. The one in Burke has 32 massage therapists. 32! They’re open great hours – until 10 […]

Used’s trial offer last year. It made holiday mailing a lot more efficient, even if I still had to stand in line to hand my packages to the staff at my tiny post office. sent out a marketing packet this year saying, “Try us again!” And I thought, “Yeah. Why not?” Here’s why […]

Cake show


Jen from work gave us a heads-up that there was a cake show this weekend at Lake Braddock, where I went for 7th and 8th grade. $10 to get in, but the cakes on display were incredible and gave us (mostly Jen) good inspiration for new ideas to try. Bought a cupcake necklace from a […]

So here’s what I was working on last night. And why I have black under all my fingernails. Cake for Christian’s birthday at work. It’s zombilicious. In other news, Wilton’s Juniper is the perfect color for zombie flesh.

Reworked the Disaster Area shirt into what I hope is a hip longlseeve number. It’s the designer’s birthday today. More about that later. In other news, I’m awfully post-y lately. Dunno what’s up with that.

A can of Fancy Feast Savory Salmon on a tuna water reduction with a dollop of Cool Whip, garnished with a tuna flake. Yeah. I’m silly. Of course, had to include a shot of the birthday girl tucking in. Moments after this she complained that she had whipped-cream whiskers.