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A few months late cause that’s how holidays work in the retail world. Coffee without creamer. Fortunately the party only went up from here. Advertisements

Let’s see how LJ handles the multiple images thang. We gots da bacon-wrapped pork (letterboxed to fit your screen), courtesy of Lee, da macaroni and cheeez, courtesy of Liz, and da sandcastle of rumminess, courtesy of Dawn. {{{}}} to the gaming group.

Jen and Carrie combined their Wonder Twin Powers to present me with Bacon on Cats for my birthday. Bacon rendered in fondant-covered red velvet cake. Nom nom nom. And also, squee.

Yay, DNA!


Someone who knows me really well got me a dna11 kit for the birthday. Only dna11 neglected to tell me who it was. So… fess up, somebody wonderful.



Got an awesome birthday present today – custom designed Keds from Holly decorated with some of her artwork! Absolutely adore them. Can’t wait to show them off.

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough yet. This is from Saturday afternoon after a highly tasty mocha at De Reubeen’s. Course I have yet to find a place in Occoquan that makes a non-tasty mocha.

Spent the day with the folks. Mom had the medical procedure, but I think Dad would have benefited from the sedation just as much. He was calm and funny while we were at IHOP, but spent the rest of the time worrying. Yet more proof that pancakes solve everything. Oh, and Mom is working on […]